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Whatup Family! Banning here. Being a part of 463 Ministries has been my lifes work to date, and an incredible blessing that I could have never fathomed I'd be able say I received. I'll be the first to tell you that I am not a perfect person (not even close), but thats what is beautiful about what is going on here. Imperfect, broken people young and old, all allowing a perfect Savior to bring restoration and love into their lives. Although I fail, my heart as a pastor is to bring about a revolution amongst the lives of all who step through our doors. For me, it's not about simply praying the prayer or counting the number of converts we attained during the recent ministry's about getting to know people, walking with them, becoming family and loving them unconditionally while introducing them to truth that they are wonderfully and brilliantly made. The real Jesus, not the Jesus that is misrepresented as a condescending, judgmental man, is the Messiah I live to glorify. And just as He ate with sinners, healed the medically condemned, and loved the outcasted, so He has embraced me.