Overnight trips to the City of Refuge in downtown San Diego. 
Friday night is spent engaging the people on the streets and handing out care packages. Saturday morning we assist in handing out food at the warehouse until 2 pm, then the team returns home.


y of Refuge trips are sponsored by SonRise Christian Fellowship, Fallbrook. We leave @ 4:00 PM Friday afternoons, have a light dinner on the way down, then walk the downtown streets of San Diego interfacing with poor and homeless people, and passing out toiletry packs. We learn a lot about them and ourselves in frank and personal conversations. Later we have a rousing game session and refreshments back at the mission house, where we spend the night in secure guys and gals quarters. Saturday mornings we have a light breakfast and then go to work at the mission warehouse setting up a worship venue and food giveaway line, where we work until about 2:00 PM. After lunch downtown, we journey home, changed and ready to make a change in our beloved Fallbrook. Join us, won't you? All ages (with parent accompaniment) except for young children. Adults: you'll love working with our teens and you'll have the advantage of working alongside seasoned missionaries. No training or experience needed. Come find out about this great challenge to the church. We also could use some folks to chaperone and possibly drive. Love ya', Brad Fox 760-419-2453