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Kairos Prison Ministry is a multi-denominational outreach of Christians all over the world. Inmates receive no special treatment from the prison after having attended a Kairos weekend; there are no special living arrangements, no 'get out of jail free' cards. What many receive is the Holy Spirit in their lives, perhaps for the first time, which provides them with a direction for their lives while still in prison, and hope for their futures if and when they are released. Everyone in the prison, including the warden and the correctional officers, receive cookies during a weekend.

Cookies are a tangible symbol of the love that the team feels for those who are incarcerated, and those whose responsibility it is to manage them. Jesus pulls no punches when he talks about the brotherhood of all people -- and the love that he shows all of His creation. So, our slogan is "Listen, listen, love, love." It is the job of others to judge these men; our job is to share God's unconditional love.....no strings attached. It moves many inmates to rethink their lives and their relationships with Jesus. We Kairos volunteers merely facilitate that process and keep ourselves out of the way!

Kairos Prison Ministry is not just a 'cookie thing.' We covet the PRAYERS of the entire SonRise community, as this weekend is mostly about the power of the Holy Spirit moving to soften hardened hearts. So, although we need cookies, prayer is the most important factor. In Matthew, we're all called upon to visit people in prison; most of us don't have a way to do that. Kairos is that way. 

Cookies for Kairos
Instructions for Baking Cookies
The gift of home-baked cookies is the way we show God’s Agape Love to the inmates. It is the only gift we may give them. It’s a small thing for us to bake cookies, and it means so much to the men who receive them. The cookies must be home-baked, from scratch, not purchased in a store.

Please follow all recommendations carefully: 
Use your favorite recipe. Oatmeal, chocolate chip (chocolate chip and butterscotch chips are ok), molasses and gingersnaps seem to freeze best. Peanut butter is ok, but must be labeled due to nut allergies. 
It is recommended you use butter-flavored Crisco in your recipe. (Shortening freezes much better than margarine or oil.)

All cookies should be uniform in size, 2" - 2 1/2". ( We don't want any hard feelings between inmates because some got larger cookies than others did.)

It is recommended that you freeze cookies before packaging – this prevents them from sticking together when bagged.

Bag a dozen (12) per gallon-size, ziploc-style freezer bag.

(Please be careful to follow these directions, so those who take the cookies to the prison do not have to re-package them themselves.)

Please label each bag with cookie type. (A strip of masking tape works well.)

Please follow all requirements carefully:
Do NOT make "no bake" or sugar cookies. • Do NOT add any kind of nuts, raisins, poppy seeds or fruits to your cookies. • Do NOT frost or sprinkle your cookies with anything. No powdered sugar, granulated sugar, sprinkles, etc. • Do NOT make extremely moist cookies. (They don't travel well.)

Some of the cookies will be used by the inmates to give to a person they dislike. This is part of the forgiveness theme that runs throughout the weekend. There will be approximately 30 inmates attending this weekend. Cookies will be distributed throughout the prison to let everyone know there is such a thing as God’s Agape Love, even in prison.

As you bake your cookies, please pray for the men who will be participating. The fact that you go out of your way to pray for them while baking this gift of cookies for them softens even the hardest hearts.